The weight you get while your pregnant causes problems. It cause you to have pain in your feet. Cause you to think about pain. It cause you to have trouble walking to the kitchen. Despite all these problems, you can fix this by taking it easy. Yes, you can take it easy for once and then the pain will go away. What is happening right now, your body is under more weight then it normally goes though. Its going to feel some pain in areas you don’t expect. It is not the end of the world though. You will get though the pain and you will find a way to make it go away. One thing you can do now is wear the best shoes for pregnancy you can find. Reduce the pain. Let us help you more for free. View what we got to say below about dealing with unexpected pregnancy pain.

How to Prevent the Swollen Feet


Swollen feet is something you might have if your not wearing the best shoes for pregnancy you can find. Your feet will get swollen when your pregnant. The shoes you have now might not be enough to reduce the swollen pain. Don’t wear any old shoes. The swollen symptom will cause your feet to widen. Buy some new comfortable shoes. Wear men running shoes, or wear shoes that offer good shock absorption. Your feet will be used a lot. Make them as comfortable as you can afford.

Drinking a plenty of water is a great way to reduce swollen feet. Water flushes the salt out in your feet. The feet will be more relaxed and be able to take on more pain. I’m talking about the salt in your body that gets heavy when your pregnant. Water also cleans out your kidneys and make it easier for your legs to bend. Any free help you can get is needed for pregnancy pain.

Monitor Your Weight

Very important to monitor your weight. Your weight will get bigger as the months go by. You need to make sure you keep track of what you eat. Make sure you are dieting when you should also. The more weight can make your legs hurt more then usual. Gaining weight while pregnant is painful, you need to make sure you reduce your eating habits. Eat but not in a way that makes you can 100 pounds. Keep to three times a day.

Buy Pregnancy Shoes to Reduce Swollen Feet

Wearing the best shoes can help prevent a lot of unexpected problems. You must remember that you got to reduce all type of pain you feel while pregnant. The shoes is a must. You will find your self wearing men running shoes every day. The women shoes you wear might be too tight to wear. You should wear comfortable men shoes. The men shoes are wider and they provide really good shock absorbent. Your feet will feel the pregnancy pressure with each step. It can be really rough at times. Wear the shoes to make the rough parts go away.


Most pregnant women find it difficult to have that much-needed rest while they are heavy with a baby. Even with the best mattress, some find it quite a challenge to have a comfortable and satisfying sleep. This is a common pregnancy concern and if you are wondering whether your sleeping position has to do with that, you are right. Read on to know what the best sleeping position that will provide you with the most relaxing and satisfying slumber that will get you on your feet feeling better the next morning.

If you are on your way to becoming a mom or are experiencing another pregnancy, you understand how difficult it is to carry on your daily activities because of your condition. As early as the first couple of weeks in your pregnancy, you will experience related symptoms that may affect how you handle your daily engagements, as well as what mood you will have throughout the day. You may get easily tired even when all you will be doing is nothing else but a regular activity you actually find satisfying during pre-pregnancy.

You will also notice that you will need to take frequent naps throughout the day as the number of hours of quality sleep becomes less and less as your condition progresses. There are so many things that will cause the discomfort, but the root cause will be the growing baby inside your belly. When at last you have reached the final phase of your pregnancy, not only will your tummy be a lot bigger than your normal size, it will make everything that you do seem more challenging. As such, the need for long hours of sleep will be necessary.

You may have the best mattress for pregnancy, but it will matter less if you will find it difficult to rest in the best possible position while lying on it. You may find your regular sleeping positions making it a lot difficult for you to have that much-needed eye-shut

Reasons why you may feel so uncomfortable while lying on your bed even in your regular positions:

As you may have already observed, your body goes through a lot of changes while you are pregnant. These physical changes tend to affect the quality of your normal sleep cycle. Some of these reasons include the following:

  • your growing baby bump
  • back pain
  • heartburn
  • acid reflux
  • shortness of breath
  • sleep disorders (insomnia, apnea, etc.)
  • frequent urge to use the bathroom
  • stress
  • dreams

The Best Sleeping Position For A Better Quality Of Sleep

You will find sleeping on your side to provide the most comfort while you are pregnant. Experts recommend sleeping on the left side as this will allow a better flow of blood and nutrients to the other organs of your body, as well as to your baby.

Keeping your legs and knees slightly bent and supported with a pillow to be a lot more relaxing as well. If you are experiencing back pains, you may find propping your tummy as well as your head, neck, and shoulders, to ease the pain.

Sleep Positions During Pregnancy That Should Be Avoided

Pregnant women need enough quality rest and sleep. There are times that you find it more comfortable to just lay on your back as you sleep. This can cause health issues later on, such as backaches, breathing, problems in your digestive system, hemorrhoids, as well a low blood pressure. This can also make it difficult for the blood and nutrients to circulate to your body organs as well as to your baby, hence placing a toll on your heart and to your baby. This happens as your abdomen rests on your intestines and major blood vessels (like the aorta and vena cava) if you lie on your back.

For a night of better quality sleep, try to sleep on your left side and remove all other distractions on your bed that will keep you from drowsing off to sleep. You may get a book to read, listen to sounds, or make your room really feel like a bedroom, can encourage your body to fall to sleep and have that quality of rest you and your baby deserve.

If you still find it difficult to sleep well during the night even with the changes mentioned, you may need to consult your OB/GYN for a better diagnosis and/or treatment.