Constipation and Pregnancy

There are some major changes taking place in a female body at all periods and stages of pregnancy. One of the most common symptoms that occur on a regular basis is constipation. Believed to be caused by the rise in the hormone progesterone, constipation and pregnancy go hand in hand. This is because progesterone slows movement of food through the digestion system. The growth of uterus on the rectum which applies a lot of pressure further exaggerates the problem.

Constipation and pregnancy though problematic are generally never fatally serious. However, if the constipation is accompanied by mucus, blood, hard stool or a indication of diarrhea along with severe abdominal pain, it is best to consult a doctor or mid wife without wasting much time as minor issues could be transform into complicated ones in no time at all.

A relief to this ever impending problem is that, there are several solutions available at hand to keep constipation and pregnancy under control. Certain food diets help during pregnancy. High fiber diet along with fresh fruits and green vegetables help reduce constipation. A regular meal of cereals is further advisable. Drinking lots of water up to three liter’s or more is another way to keep constipation at bay. Prune and other juices are also prescribed by doctors as helpful during pregnancy as they enhance the vitamins and minerals in the body. Proper supplements of several nutrients advised by doctors also help to provide the body with more strength in order to keep fit. A prescribed dosage often compliments other deficiencies as well. One of the easiest ways that help in the dual purpose of avoiding constipation and reducing unnecessary fats is exercising. Aerobics and swimming are invariably the best options but in case these are unavailable, walking can be a nice replacement as well.

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