Constipation During Pregnancy

The process of having a baby is no easy job that can be accomplished by deciding on the baby’s names, buying creches or making nurseries. It can become far worse if typical problems are not sorted out at proper times. Out of the serious and regular problems, one that occurs most often and keeps repeating itself in most cases is constipation during pregnancy.

The main reason for constipation being that bowel movement is severely affected by rise in hormones that reduce the efficiency of the gut. Apart from this, constipation in pregnant women is caused by worries, anxiety, low fiber diet and accumulation of fats in the body that make it unfit.

Constipation during pregnancy may have several varying effect on different people depending on hormonal growth and bodily conditions. However the main complications are feeling exhausted, nauseated, and a constant uneasiness due to gas. A common cause for care during this period is the growth of ‘Hemorrhoids’. It widens the veins around the anus causing severe pain and bleeding occasionally. What’s more is that all this just doesn’t affect your body and lets you off but it’s bound to have a lasting effect on the mood which most commonly leaves the person irritated or angry.

Constipation in pregnant women can be cured by keeping a tab on intake of food, regular exercising, regular visits to the loo, rich high fiber diet, and intake of huge amount of water at regular intervals. Most importantly, several supplements too help reduce constipation. However care must be taken not to have iron supplements as they will have an opposite effect of the cure and drastically deteriorate the condition. LAX pills are also ill advised and best avoided.

Regular visit to the doctor along with proper and prescribed evaluation can further reduce the problem of constipation.

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