Enema For Constipation During Pregnancy

Pregnant women commonly suffer from constipation which further becomes stubborn as pregnancy advances. Enema for constipation during pregnancy is to be strictly avoided in the first trimester when it might cause miscarriage and also in the last trimester when it can lead to premature labour when it can start contractions. In fact pregnant women are given enema just before labour in order to clear any obstructions in the birth canal, restrict any faeces during delivery and prepare the body for contractions.

Enema can be self administered or given by a nurse, which is safer and avoids complications caused by badly administered enema. In general enema is considered to clean the bowels, but for pregnant women it can turn out to be dangerous if badly administered.

It will be wise for a pregnant lady to avoid enema as much as possible and alternatively try to cure the causes for constipation. She can increase the consumption of fibre in her diet. It is always better to take natural remedies to avoid constipation during pregnancy rather than treating it with some procedures which can be risky at times.

One can take foods that are rich in fibre to ease digestion, prevent constipation and regulate bowel movements keeping the system clean and free from stress. For this purpose avoid too much red meat such as beef and pork which is difficult to digest. It is better to take light meals and small in quantity but at small intervals which might include of plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables. Consume plenty of fruits such as apple, salads and raw vegetables and bran in the form of porridge or bread to avoid any chronic constipation.

It will be always better to trust on natural and safe remedies for constipation during pregnancy rather than enema or laxatives. Psyllium husk is one such remedy which contains 100% insoluble fibre and produces and helps in excellent bowel movements. A glass of warm milk taken first thing in the morning also works like an enema to regulate bowel movements and clean the system daily.

Another natural replacement to enema is prune juice and you can have 1 or 2 glasses daily to regulate bowel movements. It is also very important to drink plenty of water to flush the toxins out of the system and regulate bowel movements. Sometimes your doctor prescribes mild laxative rectal suppositories to keep the system clean. These alternatives are safer and preferred ones for clearing the system during pregnancy than enema.

However if you must get an enema, never opt for self administration; rather get it done by a nurse only after your health provider approval. Soap and water enema are the best since they does not affect the colon adversely and yet effectively clean the system. You should check your family history for cases of premature labour and if that is the case, then an enema for constipation during pregnancy is not recommended for you. Check with your doctor for other options available.

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