Foods To Help Constipation During Pregnancy

Pregnant ladies can enjoy their life even when they are suffering from a really annoying condition called Constipation by knowing about and consuming foods to help constipation during pregnancy. Some of the basic remains always the same do not just take a stool softener, preferably use a fibre supplement.

Some high-fibre foods once introduced regularly in your diet can help you treat and prevent constipation are:

• Certain Fruits like: Apple with skin, Figs, Oranges, Pears, Bananas, Strawberries.

• Certain Vegetables like: Kidney beans, Lentils, Brussels sprouts, Peas, green spinach, Potatoes, Carrots, Broccoli.

• Grains: Bran ready-to-eat cereals, Crackers, rye wafers, Shredded Wheat, Whole wheat English muffins, Cherries, Cream of Wheat.

Let us review the benefits of adding fiber into your diet and how pregnant women can introduce fibre diet in her regimen:

• Increase more fibre into your diet but gradually to prevent gas and cramping.

• Drink plenty of water along with it to help in digestion and bowel movement.

• Always prefer some raw fruits or vegetables as a munching snack.

• Add ground flaxseed or wheat germ to your favourite cereals or homemade baked goods which will be beneficial to form softer faeces.

• Avoid white processed foods, and replace with whole grains.

• Choose high fibre cereals like oatmeal and muesli.

• Avoid drinking milk, and eating foods rich in calcium and simple sugars. Other foods to avoid include bananas, rice, apples or toast. These foods form part of the ‘B.R.A.T.’ diet your doctor may recommend if you have diarrhoea.

• Bread is high in gluten, so you may want to try eating gluten-free bread to help relieve constipation as well. Remember that you are not only getting relief for your constipation in pregnancy, but also decreasing your chance of getting diseases such as certain types of cancer, heart disease, and diverticulitis.

• Eat dried figs, and prunes and drinking prune juice can also prove effective.

• You may also want to try eating rice cakes which are high in dietary fibre.

The food to help constipation during pregnancy is always beneficial provided they are taken with utmost care and a pre discussion with your dietician or healthcare provider.

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