Hemorrhoids During Pregnancy

Hemorrhoids are caused due to the swelling of a kind of varicose veins that woman are more susceptible to during the course of a pregnancy. They usually occur in the rectal or vaginal region and may cause itching and swelling which cause discomfort to the woman. Bleeding through the rectum and swelling of varicose veins in the legs and calf may also be seen in these cases. The most common sign is that of giant blisters or mass of swollen tissue near the rectal region which are a sure sign of hemorrhoids. Hemorrhoids during pregnancy are caused as the uterus puts a lot of strain on the veins of the inferior vena cava and that of the rectum. The gives rise to piles in pregnant women as the strain caused during movements is too much for the body to handle with the added on weight of the uterus.

Treatment of piles and hemorrhoids during pregnancy are simple and effective some of the proven treatments are as follows:

  • Diet: your diet should include a high percentage of fibrous foods like fruits and leafy vegetables so as to enable you to move your bowels with ease. The most common reason for hemorrhoids in women is due to constipation during the pregnancy period.
  • The sitz bath: you should consider a sitz bath if you find the pain unbearable as the ingredients used in the bath will enable you to forgo the pain and relax as the bath allows you soak your rectal region in the water reducing pain and inflammation.
  • Cleansers and exercises: cleansers and feminine tissue wraps that are available in the market should be used instead of the traditional tissue wraps to reduce chances of infection which may worsen the case further. You should also try exercises like kegels exercises which can really benefit you to avoid these cases of hemorrhoids during pregnancy and piles in pregnant women

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